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Continue your wine education

WineCollective is Canada’s largest monthly wine club and as a Destination Tour client they would
like to offer you $25 off to continue your wine education!
With a variety of packages to choose from, WineCollective will meet your monthly wine needs
with 2, 4 or 6 bottles per month, shipped directly to your front door. Packages are priced to meet
any budget with subscription costs between $55 and $150 per month with shipping included.
Using the coupon code DESTINATIONTOURS you will receive $25 off the initial shipment of a
WineCollective subscription or gift.
Once you have signed up for WineCollective as a personal subscription, you will be charged the
free of your selected package every month on the 15th. With no cancellation or start up fees,
you are free to try out the service for as long as you’d like! You can also use the coupon code on
a gift subscription as choose to send one month of wine up to a full year to your recipient.
WineCollective aims to broaden your wine knowledge without the snobbery, as after all, wine is
meant to be an enjoyable and shared experience between family, friends and wine club
With each bottle that is shipped, members receive a tasting card with reviews, tasting notes and
food pairings. As WineCollective is meant to be an education wine experience, they often
feature unique wines in region and variety in addition to the well-loved California Cabernet or
Australian Shiraz. As a WineCollective member you will receive a wide variety of wines from
around the world, elevating your experiences in wine. In no time, you will be able to master the
restaurant’s fancy wine list or walk into any liquor store with confidence.
Even more, you can log into your account to rate and comment on each wine you receive. If you
loved a wine, find it in their members-only online store and receive 10% off the retail cost.
Visit today to get started, or feel free to contact
or call 1.855.501.WINE for questions and more information.

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Destination Tours summer bus tours are a great way spend a relaxing vacation with friends.
Whether taking an extended trip to the Rockies or a weekend trip to Whistler or Seattle, we provide a great experience for small to large groups.

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